Organization Chart of Public Prosecutor's Office

In the following diagram you may see the organizational structure of Prosecution Department. You may click on every sector to access specific info about responsibilities, actions and how to get in contact with every department

Organization Chart of Public Prosecutor's Office
Division of Execution of Judgements & DecreesDivision of Criminal RecordHead OfficeOffice of OpinionsAdministrative DivisionInterrogation OfficeOffice of Judicial AssistanceSecretary of Hearings ProsecutorProtocol OfficePayroll & Financial Managenment DivisionOffice of information, Media, Jurisprudence & ResearchA' Division of Penal ProsecutionB' Division of Penal Prosecution & Market Police InspectionDivision of Injuction ProceedingsJuvenile DivisionComputerization DivisionDivision of Prosecuting OfficesDesignation Division of the three member Court & AppealsDefault Judgements DivisionA' Division of Court BailiffsB' Division of Court BailiffsDivision of DecreesOne-member Designation Division
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