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B’ PENAL PROSECUTION – Object of works
  1. Movement of penal complaints and codes Ε, ΣΤ, Ζ, Η, Θ, Ι, ΙΑ, ΙΒ, ΙΓ, ΙΔ and in particulars :
    Entering the data of the complaints in the Computers after the instigation of the penal prosecution, transmission of case files after the relevant Prosecuting order for preliminary examination, investigation, principal investigation, - upon completion of which, they are returned to the division for further distpatch (supplementary entering of data during the course of the case file in the computer and delivery thereof to the competent division, E.Γ), dispatching of applications submitted by the public-attorneys.
  2. Preparation of indictments under the jurisdiction of the One-member and Three-member court (direct summons-Urgent). The division of indictments dispatches directly all the case files marked as “URGENT” by the Prosecutor who processed them and more specifically these are the following : a) case files in connection with offenses of articles 358, 372, 375 of the Penal Code, Act 1337/83, AN690/45, Act 998/79, b) case files under risk of statutory limitation, c) case files transmitted by the Courts to the Prosecuting Official in cases of non-competency, new evidence about the defendant,
  1. Movement of penal complaints about market police violations of the Market Police Inspection Code.
    Receipt of market police inspection complaints by the EFET, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Commerce and Police Departments, with ABM: AΓ charge, entering of their data in the computer , subsequent delivery of the case files to the competent Prosecuting Official of the Market Police for processing, and after processing, receipt thereof, and registration of the new data of the new data of the complaints in the computer, forwarding of case files with prosecution order for the conduction of preliminary examination, investigation, upon completion of which, the case files are re-submitted to our division for new charge with ABM:EAΓ to the Prosecuting Official of the Police Market for further processing , and after their receipt, entering of the new data in the computer. Those of the case files that have been completed, are sent for the preparation of the indictment, while those that remain outstanding, are forwarded to the Prosecuting Official for further conduction of preliminary investigation.
  2. Preparation of indictments : a) direct subpoena and b) after preliminary investigation.
    The B’ Division of Penal Prosecution may issue to the ligitants, provided they are legal, copies of case files and certificates about the course of the case file.
  1. The Applicant – Litigant in person or his/her legally authorized attorney with a recent mandate instrument certified for the authenticity of the signature.
  2. The trainee Attorney who has been authorized, to this end, by an attorney, who has been legally appointed according to the provisions of point "1" .
  3. Legalization of the litigant – aggrived party and concurrence of the provisions of article 108 of the Code of Penal Procedure (the following are required : a) the aggrieved party should legally declare appearance and b) the defendant must have been summoned to give a defense statement, regardless of whether he/she came to give it, or an arrest warrant (or remand by force) should have been issued against the defendant.

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