The Prosecuting Offices are one of the most vital parts of the Prosecuting Department, since it is charged with the duty to manage a large volume of case files of Peliminary Examination and Investigation and Interrogation. Its members are dozens of Prosecutors, each one of whom dispatches hundredths of case files per year, and Secretaries who support them and assist them with their work.

This division receives case files from the Penal Prosecution division after the investigation, preliminary investigation or examination. These case files are charged by the Director of the Prosecuting Department, per month to the Prosecutors who process them until their final conclusion : One-member – Three-member Magistrate Court, Prosecuting Dept. of the Appeal Court, Sentencing Council, Foreign Authorities, Archives.

The assisting work of the secretaries of the division includes the following duties :
- Receipt of case files from the Divisions of Penal Prosecution
- Separation, classification and preparation of the case files to be charged to the Prosecutors
- Transmission of case files between the Prosecuting Dept. and other Judicial Authorities of the country.
- Registration and electronic monitoring of the progress of the case files
- Preparation of monthly tables of the work of the Prosecutors and movement of the case files
- Preparation and typing of the indictments
- Dispatch of correspondence
- Filing of case files
- Delivery of orders to the division of Bailiffs, or forwarding of the same to the Police Departments for service
- Receipt and forwarding of objections against orders.
- Receipt and forwarding of memoranda, applications and related documents with case files
- Issuance of certificates for the progess of case files
- Issuance and certification of copies of case files

The prosecuting offices are open for public from 10.00a.m – 13.00p.m., on a daily basis for services that relate exclusively to case files of the division under the ΕΓ special number and more specifically :
- Issuance of certificates for the progress of ΕΓ case files
- Ιssuance and certification of copies of case files
- Receipt of objections against rejecting orders (article 47, 245 Code of Penal Procedure)
- Receipt and forwarding of applications (replacement of provisional detention, lifting of confiscation, appearance in person
- Receipt of memoranda and relevant documents of case files for correlation in the case files
- Providing information to the public about the progress of the documents entered into the protocol records

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