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The competencies of the Default Judgements Division include the introduction of defalut judgement case files of the Three-member and One-member Magistrate Court of Athens for further action relating to :
  1. Identification and registration of all judgements
  2. Issuance of abstracts and forwarding them for service to the competent Police Departments
  3. Correlation of the Service Certificates of the judgemens and forwarding of case files to the Criminal Record of the First-Instance Court of Athens
  4. Forwarding the abstracts for execution and delivery thereof to the Division of Judgements Execution
  5. Submission to the Prosecution Department of the appeals against default judgements issued by the Three-member Magistrate Court along with the case file.
  6. Submission of cassations filed before the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court along with the case file.
  7. Delivery to the Appeal Division, Prosecuting Dept. First-Instance Court of Athens of the relevant case file along with the appeal against Default Judgements issued by the One-member Magistrate Court of Athens.
This Division does not issue copies of judgements, which are issued by the Files Office , First Instance Court of Athens (Building 4, basement).

The legal remedies of Appeal and Cassation against Default Judgements are filed with the Division of Legal Remedies, First-Instance Court of Athens or, in case of cassation, before the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos).

Copies of documents from the case files on which default judgements were released, are issued upon request to a) litigants, b) attorneys of the litigants, g) attorneys authorized by the litigants or by their proxies.

In order to find a case file, the interested party should provide the number of the judgement and the submission number and date from the First-Instance Court of Athens

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