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Open for public : 10.00 a.m. – 13.00 p.m.

Designation of mature and dilatory case files referred for hearing to the One-member Magistrate Court of Athens, as well as designation of appeals filed against judgements issued by the Magistrate Court of Athens.

Preparation and posting of exhibits in the respective offices of dockets and court rooms.

Preparation of writs of summons and subpoenas.

Procedure for supplementing or correcting judgements issued by the One-member Magistrate Court

Filing of cassations against convicting or acquitting judgements issued by the One-member Court before the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos).

Keeping of a record for stay of proceedings against judgements for the punishment of default witness and fixing the date of hearing thereof.

Forwarding for execution of the judgements for the punishment of default witnesses, which were not revoked.

Settlement of the daily emoluments and travel expenses of witnesses and interpreters’ fees.

Correlation of the documents in the case files only with written order by the Designation Prosecutor.

Issuance of progress certificates and copies of case files.

Information to the litigants and their attorneys for the date of hearing of the cases , order of cases, time, building, court room. In this case, interested parties must have obtained the relevant data (ABM or ΕΓ Νο) from the computer of our Service.

In order for our service to issue copies and progress certificates and for the interested parties to submit any type of application, the following are required :

a) Identity Card
b) Relevant Application

a) Identity Card
b) Relevant Application
c) Statement of appearance as aggrieved party
d) €10 deposit

Attorneys are required to have an authorization by the litigant both for the purpose of studying the case file and for obtaining copies .

Attorneys who are trainees, are required to have an autorization by the attorney of the litigant.

For the purpose of obtaining Criminal Record Certificates, defendants are required to produce their identity card.


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