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At dawn (6.00) of the 26th of May 2004 the public servant of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Athens, Mr. Georgios Voutiropoulos, managed to climb first of all, at the highest place of the planet, at the top of the EVEREST mountain in Nepal. He joined the 12th-membered National Mission for the conquest of the roof of the earth. An endeavour that took place for the first time from our compatriots and ended up happily with success. Few hours later he was followed by other members of the Greek Mission and two days later from there, three others also managed to climb using a different path, completing the triumph of our National Mission with the code-name: HELLAS EVEREST 2004


Photo (1):G. Voutiropoulos puts up the Greek flag along with a native Serpa on the top of the world (8848 m)

Photo (2):G. Voutiropoulos at 6000 m. In the left-hand background of the picture you can see the top of the Everest mount.
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